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For all BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES required for all EARLY STAGE BUSINESSES and through their journey beyond

Why Startup buddy ?

Experienced Team

Our Team has extensive experience of over 100 years collectively with a total team strength of more than 30 professionals

Partnering with the best

The organization has a vast experience in partnering with best in class global organizations to manage regulatory compliances in setting up business and its continuous operations

Professional Services

Startup Buddy extends comprehensive professional services encompassing Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial Compliance, Reporting, Legal, Project Advisory etc.

Client Confindentiality

We take client confidentiality very seriously. We are committed to ensuring appropriate privacy and confidentiality to clients of our service. We have strict standards on guarding your information to ensure that all information that you provide to us is kept safe and secure. We abide by our Confidentiality Policy and insist that our team members signed a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement before commencing work.


We have been using technology to deliver our services since first introducing web based document management solutions, including workflow approval processes. We use this cloud based information management and reporting systems. This model allows clients to give local management ownership of activities in their country, but central finance staff to retain overall control

Cost Effective

We offer you high quality services at the most affordable prices. Offload your work on us and focus on your core strength. While we adopt the best practices and ensure highest accuracy, our services will cost only a fraction of your current cost. We can help you cut down on committed costs and still scale up your operations.

Our Clientele

Within a short span of time, Start Up Buddy has come to acquire an impressive clientele of over 50 banners that have succtessfully, and satisfactorily, partnered with us. This list continues to grow, with a burgeoning demand for all the business support systems, ably provided by our highly experienced and accomplished team of professionals.

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